Bonfire brownies

“Remember remember the 5th November.” Tomorrow (Monday) is the official bonfire night in the UK, however in most places celebrations took place yesterday. A friend of mine had invited us round for some hot chocolate after watching the fireworks down at the seafront and I decided to bring along some bonfire brownies in honour of the occasion.
Bonfire brownie

I had found a recipe on the BBC Food website that I decided to adapt. It mentioned a spicy chocolate would work well in it, and I would have loved to try the new Green and Black’s Spiced Chilli bar but as I hadn’t planned ahead, I only had plain chocolate in at home. Instead I added a bit of cayenne pepper to give it some heat {which was well needed on a cold November night!}. I didn’t want to add too much as some of the kids might have it, so I only added a pinch, but I could probably have used a full 1/4 teaspoon measure without it being too hot. These ended up having a gentle warmth to them which worked great with hot chocolate, or in my case – mulled wine. {Yum}
Bonfire brownies

Bonfire brownies


150g butter
100g dark chocolate
40g cocoa powder
a pinch of cayenne pepper
100g plain flour
300g sugar
3 eggs, lightly beaten
100g marshmallows, chopped


1) Preheat the oven to 190C. Line a 21cm square tin.
2) Gently melt the butter and chocolate together.
3) Mix the cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, flour and sugar and then add to the butter and chocolate mixture (off the heat).
4) Mix in the eggs a little at the time and finally fold in the marshmallows.
5) Pour the brownie mixture into the tin and bake for about 20 minutes, until the surface has set but still feels squidgy underneath. Allow to cool before slicing.

Bonfire brownie crumbs


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