Salted caramel chocolate truffles

For our recent anniversary I decided to make chocolate truffles, but not any old truffles, but salted caramel ones. I love the combination of sweet caramel, rich chocolate and a touch of saltiness. These are very easy to make as you don’t need to make the caramel but instead use a bar of caramel flavoured chocolate. It’s important to note though that it needs to be chocolate with crunchy pieces of caramel and not a smooth soft centred version, as you need the contrast of sweet crunch from the caramel and salty crunch from the salt flakes in the truffles.

Salted caramel truffles

I have made these before but I had forgotten how soft they turn out. They are still delicious though!

Salted caramel truffles

100g good quality chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces (I used Green & Black’s Butterscotch)
50 ml double or whipping cream
1 tbsp liquid glucose
25 g unsalted butter
1/4 tsp flaky sea salt
4-5 tbsp cocoa powder, for dusting

1) Break up the chocolate into small pieces and cut up the butter into smallish pieces.
2) Put the chocolate, cream, liquid glucose and butter in a bowl and place over a pan of simmering water. Gently melt, stirring occasional, until the mixture is smooth and combined.
3) Leave to cool, then mix in the sea salt. Cover and chill overnight.
4) Scoop out about a teaspoon of the mixture and form into balls. (Ensure your hands are cool to not melt the mixture too much)
5) Put the cocoa powder into a bowl and roll the truffles in the cocoa powder until fully coated
6) Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Salted caramel truffle


Adapted from Sainsbury’s Magazine


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