Fruity frozen yogurt

One of the best things about blogging is that you do things you may not have done otherwise, in this case trying new recipes that I for different reasons may not have gotten around to otherwise. And once I have done it, I wonder why on earth I didn’t do it earlier!!

Frozen yogurt is something I have been thinking about making for quite some time but have never got around to. I finally decided to have a go the other day in order to use up the last of the raspberries, that were hiding in the back of the freezer, from our trip to the pick-your-own farm last year in preparation for this year’s visit to the fruit farm.

I vaguely remembered having seen a recipe in Jamie Oliver’s 30-Minute Meals and it turned out there was not one but three recipes in there – they were all pretty much the same though; frozen berries + yogurt + sweetener = frozen yogurt

I tried using raspberries the first time, mixing them with Greek style yogurt and some honey. The result was fantastic! I couldn’t believe how easy it was!! I had been worried that it would melt quickly, but it held it’s nice soft ice-cream texture. The kids weren’t too keen on the honey flavour coming through to so I’ll probably just use a bit of icing sugar the next time instead.

Today we tried a different flavour – banana. It’s usually pretty rare to have bananas lying around our house, as both hubby and teddybear are going through them like they are going out of fashion, but ever since teddybear was unwell a few weeks ago he’s not been back to his normal banana-inhaling mode, and when he has had one he hasn’t finished it.  So, for once we had a few sitting in the fruit basket, gathering more and more brown spots (which means hubby won’t touch them). When teddybear only had a couple of bites of a banana the other day before declaring he didn’t want any more, I decided to chop up the rest of the banana along with the ones that were going brown in the fruit basket and stick in the freezer. Today, after tea, I got the sliced banana out, stuck it in the mixer with some yogurt and got whizzing. It took a little while to get it smooth, as some of the banana slices were stuck together in big clumps, but we got there in the end. I think next time I will try to freeze the banana in single layers instead of chucking them all into a bag to prevent them from becoming one big lump. Anyhow, the end result was delicious! Definitely something I will do again, I’m already looking forward to trying out new flavours. We don’t always have ice cream in the house but we always have yogurt and it’s practically as quick to whip this up as it is to try to scoop rock hard ice cream.

I didn’t add any sweetener to the banana mixture as bananas are usually pretty sweet anyway, particularly very ripe ones. If using other fruit, add about a table spoon of honey, icing sugar, golden syrup or maple syrup (or whatever other sweetener you prefer) and add more if needed once mixed.

Banana frozen yogurt
4-6 bananas, cut into slices and frozen for at least 6 hours
200-250g yogurt

Put the frozen banana slices and yogurt into a mixer and mix until smooth.

Banana frozen yogurt

Update – added recipe for raspberry frozen yogurt

Raspberry frozen yogurt
500g frozen raspberries
500g yogurt
1 tbsp (or to taste) icing sugar, honey or other sweetener

Put all the ingredients into a mixer and mix until smooth.
Taste and add more sweetener if needed


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