Rhubarb crumble with a twist

Rhubarb is one of my favourite vegetables, although I consider it more a fruit than a vegetable. I love that you can still only get it when in season, unlike so many other fruits and berries these days.

One of my favourite things to make with rhubarb is a crumble. My mum made a delicious one a few years ago when she was visiting, which quickly became the only rhubarb crumble I now make. It is a bit unusual in that it has almonds and sunflower seeds in the crumble mixture, which gives it a lovely crunch. It also makes it feel more healthy, or so I tell myself, so all the more reason to come back for seconds!! ūüôā

Rhubarb crumble with a twist

The recipe is originally from a Swedish recipe site РTasteline.

500 grams of rhubarb
150 ml granulated sugar
2 tablespoons potato flour (or corn flour)
100 grams butter
150 ml oats
150 ml flour
25 grams  almonds
25 grams sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
0.5 tsp salt

1)  Preheat oven to 225 degrees.
2)  Peel the rhubarb if it is rough and cut into small pieces. Mix with sugar and potato (or corn) flour and place in a buttered dish.
3)  Melt butter and mix into the dry ingredients. Pinch together with clean fingers and spread over the rhubarb.
4) Bake for 20-25 minutes until the crumble is golden.
5)  Serve warm with a good vanilla ice cream or lightly whipped cream

This year we are trying to grow our own rhubarb, something that hasn’t been a complete success. It started quite well with one of the three plants coming along nicely with a single tender stem, but then suddenly it disappeared – one of the garden gnomes must have decided to have a nightly feast on it. ūüėČ

1st rhubarb plant

To my delight I noticed there is a new shoot coming through a few days ago, and today I saw there is yet another one coming through next to it! (Not in the photo though as that was taken when I first noticed the new shoot coming through…) ¬†We need to get some netting now to put over them so that no-one pinches them again. If anyone fancy pulling up some of the weeds on the other hand, they are more than welcome! ūüôā

2nd rhubarb plant


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